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1. 'Pineapple' is a taboo word around Mukuro.
2. –He's heard any pineapple joke you can think of.
3. –That's not an excuse to spend all day trying to find one he hasn't heard.
4. –Mukuro is terrifying when mad.
5. Reborn is not Vongola's boss.
6. –Informing Tsuna that Reborn would make a much, much, much, much better boss than him is considered cruel.
7. –No matter how true.
8. Telling Kyoko that Tsuna is gay just to see Tsuna freak out was only funny the first six times.
9. –It was even funnier that Kyoko just said she was happy for him.
10. –That girl really is a few bullets short of a Dying Will flame.
11. Telling Lambo that he's a cannibal for eating hamburgers is considered cruel and unusual punishment.
12. –Torturing Lambo is not a national pastime.
13. –No matter how many people think it is.
14. The Ten Year Bazooka is not a toy.
15. –The Bovino family really needs to take that thing away.
16. –Giving a five year old an item that screws with time itself is not a good idea.
17. Claiming 'But Mukuro possessed me!' is not an excuse for everything you do.
18. –Unless he really did possess you.
19. Possessing somebody is not a proper way to get their attention.
20. –Claiming it was in self defense doesn't fly.
21. –Nobody believes you anyway, Mukuro.
22. Giving Yamamoto an extremely difficult math problem just to see him short circuit is just mean.
23. –Getting Gokudera to solve said problem in five seconds right after Yamamoto short circuits is cruel.
24. Trying to see Yamamoto's 'Serious face' is a dangerous hobby.
25. –Yamamoto is scary when serious.
26. –Please don't make him serious.
27. Xanxus is not being shy and hiding behind a tough exterior. He really will kill you.
28. –That or he'll hurt Squalo.
29. –Getting Xanxus mad to see him beat up Squalo is rude.
30. –And Yamamoto will get serious to get revenge.
31. –See rules 23-25.
32. Byakuran is not a sweet, cheerful young man who wouldn't hurt a fly. He really will kill you.
33. –Probably with the fly.
34. 'I'll bite you to death', is not a come-on, it's a threat.
35. –No matter how much Mukuro wants to think otherwise.
36. Telling Lambo that Xanxus is hiding all the candy just to see him beaten to death is animal cruelty.
37. –No matter how hilarious.
38. Gokudera is not anybody's wife.
39. –He'd only accept being Tsuna's wife anyway, so stop trying.
40. –Dynamite tends to be painful.
41. Sending Bianchi after Lambo just to get rid of him isn't very nice.
42. Screaming 'ACHTUNG, SOLDAT' at Gamma to see him freak out won't end well for you.
43. –Pool cues have many uses, and Gamma knows them all.
44. Calling the Cloud Flame pink isn't a good idea.
45. –It's violet.
46. –Really.
47. –Even though it looks p- KSDZKjmfsnzg –Kamikorosu'd-
48. –FML.
49. Reborn is a very hands on tutor.
50. –This does not mean what you think it does.
51. –Can it, Pineapple head.
52. Teaching Hibird to say inappropriate phrases and then recording Hibari's reaction will end in death.
53. Trying to tell Dino he's a failure without his subordinates will make him try to prove you wrong.
54. –Everybody will end up getting hurt.
55. –Mainly Dino.
56. Asking Dino if he's seen the Indiana Jones movies won't end the way you wanted it to.
57. –He knows how to use that whip really well.
58. Shooting Tsuna in the head with Dying Will bullets is not a hobby.
59. –Claiming you're doing it just to see him fly out of his clothes is even worse.
60. –And illegal.
61. Ken is not a dog.
62. –He'll just bite off a collar anyway.
63. Putting a cone on Ken to make sure he doesn't chew on any bandages is cruel.
64. –He figured out how to get it off anyway.
65. Trying to fix Chikusa's posture won't work.
66. –He'll just go take a shower to ignore you.
67. Offering to take a shower with Chikusa is considered sexual harassment.
68. Claiming that if it's an illusion then it's not considered rape is wrong.
69. Mukuro got distracted by this number, and thus proves that we were right about the sexual harassment thing.
70. If Mukuro offers you anything, refuse and find Tsuna.
71. –If Mukuro comes near you, find Tsuna.
72. Telling everybody you've been to hell just to make them feel sorry for you so you can get out of trouble is petty.
73. Mentioning anything inappropriate about tentacles around Mammon will just confuse him.
74. Squalo is male.
75. –And he will inform you of such.
76. –Loudly.
77. –It's a miracle all of the Varia aren't deaf by now.
78. Shamal is a certified doctor.
79. –Or so he says.
80. The fact that Shamal only treats females is not because he's in the closet and in denial.
81. –Or so he says.
82. –Asking Gokudera about this will just end in pain and explosions.
83. Asking Hibari why he doesn't have a pompadour like the rest of the Disciplinary Committee will end in tonfas in weird places.
84. –Asking Hibari anything will end in tonfas in weird places.
85. Don't crowd Hibari.
86. –Being a mile away is still considered crowding Hibari.
87. –Regardless of how far away you are, you are still crowding Hibari.
88. –Crowding Hibari ends in death.
89. 'JUDAIME!' is totally a catchphrase.
90. Asking Ryohei to show you his 'Maximum Cannon' is considered sexual harassment.
91. –He won't understand anyway.
92. –And punch you in the face with said attack.
93. –You deserved it, Mukuro.
94. Box weapons are not toys.
95. –Stop putting things in Kangaryuu's pouch to see if they'll turn into something cool.
96. –This includes live animals/plants/other Box weapons/Lambo.
97. –Using the Sistema C.A.I shields to play ping pong using Roll as the ball will only cause Hibari to bite you to death.
98. –Dino's Cavallo Alato is not a Rapidash and is not to be used in fake Pokemon battles against Gamma's Torpedine Fulmine, claiming they're Jolteons.
99. Oho.
100. Causing a loudness contest between Ryohei and Squalo wasn't a good idea, nor productive.
101. –Somebody also called the police and we had to bail them both out.
102. Lussuria is male.
103. –No matter what he tells you, the above statement is true.
104. Asking Genkishi anything about Byakuran will cause him to go on an hour long rant about nothing having to do with what you asked.
105. –Mentioning Byakuran around Genkishi will cause the same.
106. Stealing Byakuran's marshmallows just to see him have a mental breakdown was cruel.
107. –And everybody within a mile radius was nearly killed.
108. If Dino asks you to call him 'Big bro', go find a responsible adult immediately.
109. –Hibari is not a responsible adult, and getting him just to get him to beat the everliving hell out of Pony-Boy is mean.
110. –Even if he deserved it.
111. –Especially if he didn't have any subordinates around.
112. –That's like shooting fish in a barrel.
113. Regardless of the fact that Future Hibari is an adult, he doesn't count either.
114. If Lussuria comes near you, run.
115. –A responsible adult won't save you.
116. –They might have to run too.
117. Spanner is not a candy dispenser, bothering him just so he shuts you up with candy is petty.
118. –And he might get interested in you.
119. Trying to tell Reborn that his sideburns don't actually make sense will probably end in your death.
120. –The same goes for mentioning any of his costumes.
121. –He is the world's greatest hitman, afterall.
122. Telling Chrome that you saw Mukuro, then pointing at a pineapple will just confuse her.
123. –And she'll be talking to a pineapple for the next hour and a half.
124. –And Mukuro will probably get mad at you.
125. –You have no chance.
126. Just because it's fairly easy to confuse Chrome doesn't mean that you should tease her.
127. –This counts as a deathwish, as Mukuro is very protective.
128. –Even if Chrome doesn't get that it's teasing, Mukuro will still drag you into hell so you can 'see the sights'.
129. Informing Mukuro of his school uniform fetish will only make him want to dress you in one.
130. –Accepting will only make it worse.
131. Calling Lussuria 'Nee-chan' will only encourage him.
132. Byakuran is not albino, he's just a freak.
133. –Telling him either of the above will probably end in your cheerful death.
134. Shoichi is not the Rubix Cube master and trying to tell him that he is will just confuse him.
135. –And he'll get an ulcer.
136. –And Spanner will shut you up with candy, or Mini-Mosca will sit on you.
137. –Mini-Mosca is heavier than it looks.
138. The name 'Romeo' is taboo around Fifteen year old Lambo.
139. –Saying it loudly just to get Bianchi to show up is just mean.
140. –'Accidentally' calling him Romeo will probably just make him cry.
141. –Claiming that it's cute to see Fifteen year old Lambo cry is worse, Reborn.
142. Playing magical girl transformation music whenever Mukuro possesses Chrome will just make him excited.
143. -Making fun of Mukuro is not a hobby.
144. –He'll also get interested in you and nobody will save you.
This is a list of Guidelines for the characters from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, such as the Hetalia ones going around.
I wrote them a while ago. xD

Note: If you want to post these on Tumblr, go ahead, but I'd appreciate a source. :V
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Yuhagane Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I shouldn't do this, but I really want to take away Byakuran's marshmallows to see him have a mental breakdown. And the run off as fast as I can in order to stay alive.
MelanieChristii Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
HimikuChan Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
I laughed harder than I should xD Love this so much :D
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I love this . ^^

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You allow me to translate this fic into Russian?
Sycira Featured By Owner May 14, 2013
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Faidali Featured By Owner May 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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the dude who made this is a reborn genius. and a hitman who knows how to kill people in an enjoyable way through the internet.
Sycira Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013
A mafia boss also has to know how to lay down the rules, you know, this is something you'll have to learn through force, though.
CorneredLikeKitsune Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
I literally died laughing. Unfortunately, my friend is watching a movie and did not appreciate it. The last two were perfect, and most of them had me gasping for breath! The list sounds more like a large warning, though! I especially liked reading how the next ones would sometimes pertain to the previous. It's. So. Cute!
LadyVixen911 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Oh My God i lost it XD
the really sad part, is that it's all true, and i could see a few of them *coughLamboandRyoheicough* trying some of these
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XaoLingstupido Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mukuro. Why u so interested in people?
Sycira Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
You can't very well destroy the mafia from the inside-out if you don't have the right.. er, 'contacts'? Or contracts, whichever.
XaoLingstupido Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconmegustaplz: i dont get it.
SoraLyv Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Student General Artist
I took a quiz once, and it said if i was in KHr, my boyfriend would Mukuro, and after reading this, I'm scared for my sanity. @n@"

Very hilarious!!! XD I laughed so much while reading this!!!!!! Two thumbs up! <3
PixieDyris Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
The work of a genius! I will memorize these commandments by heart!
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this was realy fun [link]
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I laughed so hard my mother came in the room to see if i was alright. Seriously dude, loved it, it killed me XD
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